Happy 2016!

Hoping all my many many readers *cough cough* have a wonderful, safe and happy new year!

I believe for me, 2016 is a year I'll be breaking out of some ruts I've been in, in preparation for some significant changes in 2017.

There are several reasons I haven't already done this and I won't get into them now. Most still exist, mostly medical stuff, but I have made three resolutions this year:
(1) To suspend, for one year, my years-ago resolution to never again make New Years resolutions.
(2) To push myself past those above mentioned reasons and either survive it or not. The goal is to make some money and get myself financially back in black. Pay off old bills, and rebuild my credit yet again. We'll see what happens. I used to have a high tolerance for pain. Maybe I can get that back.
(3) To lose at least a good portion of the approximately 90 pounds I want/need to lose, despite my medical limitations. Those limitations, I expect, will become less limiting as I accomplish this, as my body will be less taxed without the extra weight.

Wish me luck!

Happy New Year to all!!