More coffee, please.

Happy Spring!
Feeling anxious and blue this morning. Maybe it's the rain and the fact that I've been kind of sick, and the realization that a large part of my life has gone by while "on hold" and a ways to go still, and a family matter that I won't get into right now, among other things.
Yeah, that's probably all it is.
Good that spring is here though and all that snow is gone. Getting started on the early steps of my garden (don't forget my gardening blog!).
While we have been waiting for a late Spring, it turns out Spring wasn't waiting after all. She's right on time and now I/we are behind schedule.
More coffee, please.


DeLunaLore said…
Spring is always exciting but some how it past me by this year. How is the gardening going?
Wayne said…
Well hello there. Sorry I didn't see this till now.
The garden was one of the best in years. It was going really well but the woodchucks and rabbits wiped out a lot of the first planting. That set it back quite a bit but everything came back and did well in the long run, except the beans. The beans made a good comeback but the critters did too and the beans never really made it a second time.
I've probably said more here than in my garden blog. lol