Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson - Updated (twice)

My annual share of this video. I'm a huge fan of Ozzy. I uploaded this to my wvaller You Tube account 8 years ago and it's still the only video on that account. lol.

Update!  I hope you enjoyed this annual share of the video. It was the final year, since I had a copyright complaint and it was removed. I will miss it, one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It's gone and the YT channel it was on is also gone (that was my choice).

I forget how I found it in the first place all those years ago. I certainly didn't record it and then upload it. I know I found it online, downloaded it and then uploaded it. Either way, I shouldn't have done it. However I don't know where I or anyone else, could've then or could now, buy it for our own entertainment, so I don't see how I (and eventually many others) having it online could hurt them financially. Perhaps it's just the principle of it. Perhaps the want to make it go away.

Oh well. Unless I do find it somewhere, farewell to Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson singing Winter Wonderland in a very entertaining video, which originally (and as far as I know, only ever) aired on The Osbourne's Christmas Special (I used to know what year but I don't recall now).

Anyway, I've re-embedded it here from another channel that was allowed to keep theirs (at least for now). Hmmph. That's not fair. lol

UPDATE! And again. I hope I didn't cause that one to go down too.
(I started to add another one but I decided not to - they're out there though)
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