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Way Back When

Taken 2/18/2011 - FujiFilm A820
This one was taken February 18, 2011 deep inside Massasoit State Park, near Lake Rico. That's my old cane leaning against the fallen and burned tree.

I took this with my FujiFilm A820, which I haven't been using at all lately. I mostly only used it in my paranormal investigations for the past couple years and then I retired it from that as well. It has served me well and it still works but it has some minor issues.

I've been trying to post old ones (when I do post old ones) that correspond to the date of the posting but from previous years.

For Feb 18, I had to go through several years and cameras to find one, first that was taken on 2/18, and then to be worthy of posting. Hope it was. :)