Photo a Day.


Well, has it really been 5 days since I've taken a picture? Wow! I know it's been 4 since I posted anything and that was a year-old photo. I've been bringing the powershot with me everywhere I go but I haven;t seen anything photo worthy that I had time to stop for. Good thing too, because I just found the memory card still plugged into the laptop (it has a built in SD card reader - the other camera uses a CF card, in case you were wondering about my broken card reader).

Well, this time I'll do something different. Instead of posting an older photo to make up for missing days, I'll plan to take a new photo for each missed day. Not sure when I'll do this so stay tuned.

BTW when I talk about missing days and then I make it up, the made up days appear in order before this post so it might seem confusing. lol
Note: I adjusted the date so this will post before the make-up photos. Make up photos will be dated 2/08 thru 2/13.

Have a good day!

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