About My Photo A Day Project

I live by my own rules. Haha.

Here is some information about my version of the Photo A Day project (Project 365). Some of the info here is copy/pasted/edited from other posts in the project, in case it looks familiar to you.

This blog is also my main photography and mixed subject (general purpose) blog, as well as a weekly project which still hasn't gotten off the ground (Saturdays!). Project 365 posts are 'labeled' with the tag "365" and are titled "Photo A Day"
Update - From Mar 12, 2014 entry:
So I see no real need to put
Photo A Day as the title of these posts, as long as it and 365 are in the tags/labels. I think I may stop, and/or put (365) in the title like Jason does. Sounds like a plan.

The idea is to take a photo a day. It's meant to, among other things, keep one's creativity flowing and help prevent shooters' block. However, on occasion and especially when I'm not feeling my best, I might not pick up the camera. Forgive me. Sometimes it's very hard to get myself motivated, especially in the winter. I'm still going to push myself to post a photo a day, even if I didn't take it that day. I'll always try to remember to state when the photo was taken if it wasn't that day.

I sometimes manipulate the dates. I'll often take the picture and either I don't download it to the computer right away or it needs some editing first.* If the time of a post is 11:59 PM, that means:
  • I posted that entry, probably the next day or the day after that and wanted the date of the post to be in proper chronological order 
  • I posted that entry a little (or a lot) after midnight and wanted the date of the post to be in proper chronological order, or 
  • I posted that entry at 11:59 PM that day, in the proper chronological order (what are the odds?).
Enjoy, and please let me know if you're doing one of these or any other photography project. The more the merrier!

*At this time, my main PC is kaput and the card reader I bought for the laptop is junk. On my Canon EOS 50D, the USB stopped working a long time ago, so the only way to retrieve the photos is to use a card reader. I ocasionally use my mother's computer to retrieve them, add them to Dropbox, then download them to my laptop (external drive). For that reason and one of convenience and portability, most of my recent photos are from my Canon Powershot S5-IS. This is easier because the USB still works (and the laptop has a reader for that type of card), but the photo quality suffers just a little bit.