Woodchucks, Groundhogs, etc. Stay the "chuck" outta the garden!

So there was a mix of compost, soil, rocks, old vegetation, etc. in my wheelbarrow and it had collected water and in the heat of maybe a week it brewed a foul smelling "tea". I know that liquid probably would've been good to water plants with and the rest could go back into the compost but I was feeling generous.

Since the woodchucks had feasted on more stuff I apparently planted for them in the garden, I thought they should have the "tea" to go with it, so I dumped it in the chuck-hole nearest the garden. Then as an afterthought, I also dumped most of the sludge in too.

Hope they enjoy.

Stay the "chuck" outta the garden!

Actually, there's a free bonus woodchuck if you act now.

But I really need to work on a couple areas of the fence. Then I'll work on their ability to climb over it. I can't afford electric fence right now.

Stay tuned.

I have now on three occasions met up with a tiny bunny webbit IN the garden. So small in fact that he/she runs right through the standard garden fencing (2x3 openings I think) with no problem. I assume he/she has been doing much of the nibbling out there, as it seems the woodchuck does more massive destruction. So I'll have to set up my trail-cam and see who's doing what and maybe figure out where they get in (well, there's no stopping the bunny without some investment in rabbit fencing.
Anyone have any ideas for repelling the critters - safe and non-lethal - please add a comment. I've read mothballs doesn't help.