More trouble than it's worth...

I just re-linked photos to their respective posts in here...I couldn't even find one of them to re-link it. Fotki shouldn't change the urls of the photos, when they know people link them to their websites and blogs, etc. It seems like Fotki has gone out of their way to piss people off in the past year or so, but I'll explain more about Fotki in another post sometime.

Anyway, I upgraded my Flickr account and started using it more, but linking photos ie; embedding in web pages and blogs, doesn't seem to be the easiest thing. Can't win. Maybe I just need to figure things out more.

As far as my other photo blog goes, I'm debating on calling it quits on that one. Really not sure yet...maybe just a revamp. I admit though, I like this one better. The other one seems so huge.

Also, Saturdays! has few enough posts right now that I could fairly easily re-link the posted photos to a new photo hosting site (Photobucket perhaps) without it being a major project. Dark Sky Photography has 345+ photos I'd have to relink if I was to close my Fotki account altogether, not to mention locating and uploading them! I'm keeping the account alive for now, so the linked photos will still show, except when the urls change on me or photos disappear (grrr). As that happens (when/if it does continue to happen) more older posts will become photo-less. I won't be able to spend the time to fix them, unfortunately.

I don't know where I'm at with my wordpress blog. Every time i go to it after drifting away from it again, I decide i should keep working on it, but then I get sidetracked yet again and the cycle continues. Maybe I'm making more work for myself than I really need. Hmmm.

I've also been thinking of starting other blogs relating to other interests I have besides photography *gasp*. Off the top of my head I'm thinking the paranormal and gardening, canning, etc. Stay tuned.

Have a good weekend! Happy Mothers day.

Who needs a boat. :)
Who Needs A Boat?