Some Stuff. And doughboys. Mmmm.

Well, Google, you're really making life confusing for people like me with multiple gmail accounts and multiple YouTube accounts and stuff. I used to always be logged in as darkskywv - now I'm learning to check and see what profile I'm on before I post or comment on anything.

Also for quite awhile now, I've had to log in to Blogger when I used to be logged in as long as I was logged in to gmail. Minor stuff but still a PITA.

So I've rediscovered my Photobucket account(s) and will be posting pics from it every so often...hey, maybe on Saturdays! There's a novel idea. These aren't my work, unless otherwise stated. I sure do wish i knew who to credit for some of these.

Anyway, here's my first installment. It's been a favorite of mine for many years.