New Category at FAA and other fascinating facts

They don't handle sales of non-photo/art at Fine Art America but they allow you to list items for self-fulfilling orders. I took advantage of that to list a couple items I listed at Etsy, figuring if someone from FAA inquires, I can send them a link to my Etsy shop (which btw, I just opened).

Did I mention I listed some photos on my Society 6 account? I don't think I did :)

They are some of the same I have had listed at Red Bubble for quite some time, an account which I recently revamped with new prices, removing some photos, adding/removing products, etc.  T-Shirts (and greeting cards), featuring my Aquene photos (and others) here!

Working on getting going again on my ebay. Not quite there yet but hopefully soon. Say "good luck, Wayne". lol