Happy New Year!

Out with 2012. See ya!

A lot of people are saying they hope 2013 will be better. I hadn't really thought of it but I guess 2012 did suck, both on a personal level and otherwise. Yet I don't feel it was the worst, nor do i feel 2013 will necessarily be any better (I think it will be, on a personal level).

If you ask me what year any random event happened, there's only a few things I could easily answer. It's all a blur, I guess because it's moving so fast. Stuff happens, good and bad, awesome and atrocious, every year.

It's not because of any prophesies, it's mostly because of us!

They say it's what we make of our lives that matters. Maybe collectively we can all make 2013 be better. With our actions, attitudes, deeds, respect and love for each other as well as for ourselves, we can make 2013 a better year. And hoping so can help too, but it's our actions that will make it happen.

I am one of the most guilty-as-charged people for waiting and hoping for things to be better. Motivation, action, self-confidence, and improving my health are high priorities for myself, and I guess I could call them New Year's resolutions. Or I could call them my keys to survival. Oh and getting my world organized...OMG would that be great! I have a lot of work to do on a personal level.

Well, enough of my rambling. I just came here to post a random picture for cryin' out sakes.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year; let's work on it and yes, hope for a great 2013. To borrow a phrase from the 60's, "peace and love" (and no I am NOT an old hippy)!

Happy New Year!

P.S. I just remembered I didn't just come here to post a random picture. I also came here to point out some changes to the photo blog's address. I cancelled the domain name "wvallerphoto.com" and changed the Dark Sky Photography blog's address from "blogs.wvallerphoto.com" to "blogs.DarkSkyPhoto.com". If you accessed it straight from blogger (or any way, not via the domain) the new address (which redirects to the above url anyway) is
I've already fixed the link in the right hand column.
More about that blog later. TTFN