Dark Sky Photography

Been busily working on a Wordpress site (self-hosted) which when done, will link many of my photos to FotoMoto for purchase.
I wish there was a faster way to work with FotoMoto, as I have to wait for the site to 'find' the photos, then only after waiting a long time do i suspect it may not work with those certain settings, so I have to try another setting and wait again.
Maybe I'll look into other photo selling sites. I do like the automation of it all though.
I'm giving it a rest for now...been on the computer all day, and most of the day yesterday, and...I've lost track of time, which I usually do when I get working on stuff like this.
I'll post a link soon.
Have a good weekend!


DeLunaLore said…
I like FotoMoto. Someone I know in the Opera community uses some service for selling photos and you get a website or something like that and it's designed for displaying and selling the work. I can't remember if it used pay pal but it's accepts just about everything (USD, Pounds, Euros...)

I'll see if I can't get the name of the service for you..

Looking forward to the link
Wayne said…
Thank you. There are a few out there. I was searching to see if there is anything that may be better than Fotomoto. I gave up the search though, for now anyway.
I also have a Red Bubble account that may be rearing it's head in the site but not sure. Cafe Press is another possibility. I also have experimented with Pal Pal buttons for the Do-it-Yourselfer in me. lol
I'd be interested in the one you were talking about too.
The site is pretty much set up. I deleted all the original test photos and blog posts and pages and have "real" ones in there now.
Here's the url. I'd appreciate your opinion(s) of it.
Wayne said…
Nearly a year later, I have finally launched the site. Still doing tweaks and additions but it was finally "launch-able".
FotoMoto is dead I believe. They made some changes awhile back and i was hesitant on setting up with the new system but kept my account while i think about it, checking in once in awhile. A few days ago I went and it was kaput.
I'll probably be writing about it at some point.