My canoe and other obsessions

Wow, has it been that long?Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it. LOL.
Well, one of the obsessions these days is the restoration of my canoe. I had posted about it in another blog a loooong time ago. The I had put it off and put it off and then decided to have someone do it for me. But now I've decided that i can do it myself. And I am determined, but will probably need advice along the way...maybe not, but right now I have a couple questions.
After the canoe, I have a small (8') boat to fix up. More on that at another time.
Another obsession has been getting the greenhouse set up to start some plants. It may be a little early to start them yet, as it isn't heated right now. I started a small amount of marigold seeds as a test and it would probably be ok to grow some spinach and other cold weather crops from to start to finish in there.
I hope to have a large veggie garden this summer but there are a lot of "only-if"s" and "maybes" connected to that. I think that probably in my physical condition I won't be able to do it all by myself. But we'll see. I know part of my condition may improve as a result of the hard work and nutritious food, so it will be worth a try anyway.
More obsessions will be good subjects for future blogs...there are enough of them to keep me typing for quite awhile.
Have a good day/week!


DeLunaLore said…
Nice wood work on the canoe!