My Videos

Random videos of mine.

Some are here. More at my YouTube and Vimeo channels. Enjoy!

A couple lightning flashes during a storm near the Cape Cod Canal. When it flashes you can see the Bourne Bridge in the distance under the Railroad Bridge. The music was not chosen for the video; just happened to be on the radio when I recorded.

railroad bridge lightning from Dark Sky on Vimeo.

Our nightly ritual after "people supper". While I'm waiting for my coffee,  Mila gets a treat thrown don the hall for her to chase, then another thrown the other way.

Mila-treats from Dark Sky on Vimeo.

I couldn't resist the "The Birds" reference after taping all these butterflies in the backyard and had to track down the song to play in the background.

Soon after "moving in", Jezebel (Rest in Peace) discovered some tasty treats under the pear tree.

Jezebel eating pears that dropped from the tree from Dark Sky on Vimeo.

Awesome and interesting twist to the ol' cake ritual at my friends' wedding reception.